The Canyon Lake Firefighters Association was founded in 2022. The vision was to lay the foundation for an association that would be a prominent community component and work cooperatively with the City of Canyon Lake and the Fire Department. Through community-sponsored events, community involvement, and public relations, current and future members can take an active role in being a member of the community they serve. The goal is to keep the members, both forthcoming and current, of the Association healthy and safe by working to obtain high-quality work environments and aid in stability for the future of the Canyon Lake Fire Department.

Though our Fire Department is still in its inception years, we are confident that our history will grow and, with the help of our Canyon Lake Community, will carry forward into a prosperous future. Our members have years of experience from other agencies and are committed to perfecting our craft and fostering a deep-rooted positive relationship with our community and surrounding cooperators.


July 2022 – Formation of the Association.

August 2022 – Recognized by the Secretary of State of California.

November 2022 – Recognition by the Department of Treasury Internal Revenue Service established a 501 (c) (3).

March 2023 – Recognized by City Council as Association by proclamation.

March 2023 – Launched a new website with the Association’s first official Logo.

April 2023 – Participated in the first event as an Association in the “Canyon Lake Women’s Golf Club.”

May 2023, Booth Participation in Fire Service Day and Fiesta Days.

June 2023, First Annual “Golf Cart Show,” And it turned out to be a big success

June 2023 – Donated Luncheon at PZA for Mindy’s Retirement.

July 2023 – Donated and participated in the CLAMS for a Golf Charity.

August 2023 – Set Up a Booth at the City of Canyon Lake, “National Night Out.”

August 2023 – Made donations & our condolences to the families of Cal/Fire Captain Tim Rodriguez.

August 2023 – Made donations & our condolences to the families of Cal/Fire Chief Josh Bischof.

September 2023 – Donated to the Canyon Lake Little League/Field Sponsor.